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C’est juste de la TV’s mission is to offer an informed, critical and documented perspective on the world of television. Every week, TV shows are analyzed and dissected by a panel of four full-time collaborators and true connoisseurs of the small screen. The show is hosted by longtime collaborator Anne-Marie Withenshaw. She is joined weekly by Serge Denoncourt, Dave Ouellet and Thérèse Parisien. Together, they form a panel that is polarizing, diverse, and representative of the general population; a place for critique and animated discussions, in a 60-minute format. A highly dynamic hour with debates and exchanges between panelists as a central driving force. A unique forum for discussing television, the show continues to play its role of prescriber, allowing viewers to gain an exhaustive, comprehensive overview of all that has happened and of all that is to come on the small screen.

C’est juste de la TV is produced by URBANIA since 2014: three seasons have been broadcasted on ICI ARTV, with a scheduled return in September 2017.


C’est juste de la TV isn’t just a TV show, it’s a community of people who love the small (and the very small) screen. As such, we’ve created a digital platform that is fed daily with an array of articles, critiques, interviews and news articles linked to the world of television and of the Web. C’est juste de la TV boasts nearly 25 000 Facebook and Twitter followers, sharing their favorite and not-so-favorite TV moments with us on a weekly basis

The website


That’s not all! In 2015, C’est juste de la TV’s sister show “C’est juste du web”, was born. Hosted by Catherine Pogonat and her sidekicks Frédéric Bastien Forrest and Judith Lussier, the weekly, 20-minute show is broadcast on CJDLTV’s website, and is THE reference in digital content. The show browses through everything new regarding web series, web documentaries, youtubers, and other interactive experiences. Every week, C’est juste du web invites guests that are as riveting as they are passionate, with a total of 50 episodes having aired since the show’s debut.


Season 2 of “C’est juste du web” won the 2017 Gémeaux prize in the “Meilleure composante numérique pour une émission ou série: affaires publiques, magazine, sport” category.


Since 2016, an original series of C’est juste du web podcasts are also available. Hosted by Catherine Pogonat, the C’est juste du web – podcast series offers five 20-minute episodes that explore how different types of cultural and artistic expression and their means of distribution have evolved thanks to the Web: photography, music, documentary films, museums and comic books.

The C’est juste du web website, show (50 x 20 min.) and podcast (5 x 20 min.) are produced by URBANIA, thanks to the financial support of ICI ARTV, the Bell Fund, and the Fonds Québecor.

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