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Sexplora explores sexuality with an irreverent and scientific bent. It is coitus interruptus following thirty minutes of orgasmic television focused on sex and IQ. Six documentary episodes, six unequivocal topics: orgasm, masturbation, vulva, fetichism, libido, penis – we entice scientists of both genders to try and better understand where our basic instincts stem from.

Faced with theoretical knowledge backed by practical experience and illustrated by encounters in the field, our host Lili Boisvert receives surprising and instructive answers to her many questions.

Sexplora is a documentary series produced by URBANIA and broadcast on ICI Explora, with the financial support of The Canada Media Fund and the Bell Fund


Hosted by Lili Boisvert

Directed by d’Arnaud Bouquet

Season 1: 6 x 30 minutes, winter 2016
Season 2: 10 x 30 minutes, winter 2017
Season 3: 6 x 30 minutes, winter 2018


Sexplora is also a website rich with 16 interactive magazines whose themes are in line with those covered in the TV series.  Each magazine includes an article by our host Lili Boisvert, video capsules of her field research, additional articles, statistics and anecdotes connected to the chosen theme, as well as a quiz that allows the web user to learn more about his sexuality and the sexuality of fellow Quebecers.


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Ten short video capsules were also produced: Lili’s editorials. In these animated editorials, Lili Boisvert takes on preconceived notions on sexuality (sexual performance, feminine condoms, menopause, consent, etc.). With intelligence and a sense of humor, Lili offers a variety of reflections on the different themes explored in the TV series, stirring things up and tackling society’s most enduring taboos.


Sexplora also offers a mobile game for iOS and Androïd, allowing you to test your general sex knowledge, as well as six humorous quizzes that allow the user to learn more about his sexuality and the sexuality of fellow Quebecers, in an entertaining way.


To download the app on iTunes, click here.
To download the app for Google play, click here.

Sexplora’s digital component is produced by URBANIA and funded by the Bell fund and the Canada Media Fund. 

– The digital component won the 2016 Numix prize in the “Best Convergent Production – Documentary” category.
– The digital component was nominated for a Gémeaux in the “Best Digital Documentary Production” category.


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