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Shipwreck hunter Samuel Côté takes us to the depths of the St-Lawrence river, in search of buried and long-forgotten treasures. With his team of divers, Samuel tracks down shipwrecks that lie in the river’s abyss, seeking to bring their mysteries to light. The series immerses the viewer into Quebec’s maritime history, through tales of war, pirates, treasures and archeology. The venture is a risky one, but Samuel’s discoveries are fascinating and allow him to accomplish his mission, which is to restore the river’s history.

Season 1: 10 x 30 minutes, fall 2014
Season 2: 9 x 30 minutes, winter 2016
Season 3: in production

The series is produced by URBANIA, broadcast on the HISTORIA channel, thanks to the financial support of the Canada Media Fund.


The web platform allows web user to prolong the experience of the documentary series: web users have access to interactive portraits of crew members and can interact with our hunter-in-chief Samuel by asking him questions regarding his line of work.


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