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Conte du Centre-Sud offers a glimpse into Mémé’s world: a tough world, but one that is also filled with acts of kindness and generosity. Shot over several months in Montreal’s Centre-Sud neighborhood, where Mémé and Papa live, the film takes a look at a community on the margins of society, a community that consists of people dependent upon social assistance to live. Told as a fairytale, Conte du Centre-Sud examines poverty through the lens of Mémé’s reality as a “chronic welfare recipient”.

A 52-minute long documentary feature by URBANIA, broadcast during Spring 2016 on ICI Radio-Canada and RDI.

– World premiere at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto.

– Gémeaux 2017 prize for René Roberge in the “Meilleur montage : affaires publiques, documentaire – Émission” category.

– Gémeaux 2017 prize for Jean-Olivier Bégin in the “Meilleure musique originale: Documentaire” category.

Directed by Danic Campoux
Cinematography by Jérôme Hof, editing by René Roberge and music by Jean-Olivier Bégin.



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