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« Coureurs de smash » (which roughly translates to car-crash experts), is an incursion into the colorful world of the Montreal towing industry, through the eyes of a group of tender-hearted tough guys.

Hunting down road accidents is the specialty of “Remorquage centre-ville”, a twenty-year old business located south-west of the island that operates 24/7, 365 days a year. Most of the employees grew up in the neighborhood and know the area well.

Through their day-to-day lives paced with car breakdowns, road emergencies, high-pressure situations, unforeseen events, traffic, and above all, road accidents, we discover a world filled with potentially explosive situations where the “coureurs de smash” must learn to act quickly, keep their composure, and measure up to the many challenges they encounter.


Spending 24h with a team of « coureurs de smash » (which roughly translates to car-crash experts) is sheer adrenaline. Navigate through an interactive timeline and meet the team.

The interactive, 24-hour timeline of the “coureurs de smash” digital platform immerses the web user into the unusual day-to-day of crash experts. This interactive timeline gives the user access to a wide selection of exclusive content: 8 short documentary videos, photo galleries, audio interviews, a tow-truck lexicon, and interesting statistics related to the world of towing. This content paints de portraits of the different team members of the day and night shifts and gives us a glimpse into their daily lives through anecdotes, memorable towing operations and personal observations.

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