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They love Tabasco and Cray fish. They speak French. They are all lazy and stupid. The least we can say is that, both here in Canada and in the United States, our knowledge of Cajun culture and its people is as limited as it is stereotypical. Director Danic Champoux (Mom et Moi, Autoportrait sans moi) arrived in Louisiana with very little Cajun knowledge, and discovered a lively, vibrant culture dominated by the French language, very far removed from the empty-headed folklore often conveyed in movies. Alongside Troy Landry (star of the television series Swamp People), renowned linguist Barry Ancelet and his neighbour Zachary Richard, plunging to the heart of the mythical Mardi Gras celebration, Cris sur le bayou celebrates Cajun culture and all its nuances and complexities.

A 70-minute long documentary film by URBANIA, broadcast during the winter of 2016 on Canal D.

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