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The show En Direct de l’univers, hosted by France Beaudoin, takes its Radio-Canada viewers on an intimate musical journey with some of Quebec’s most inspiring personalities. It’s a kind of sonic biography; with each show presenting the celebrity guest’s favorite music, recent finds, melodies that are poignant markers in time, and the songs that make up the soundtrack to their daily lives. En Direct de l’univers is a musical celebration: it’s surprising, authentic, and rife with emotion.

URBANIA was mandated to design and produce the Web platform for the show’s 5th and 6th seasons. Inspired by the show’s concept, the platform is entirely dedicated to the exploration and discovery of francophone music relative to the memories and testimonials of both the show’s guests, and the users. Like travelling in a musical galaxy, the user can browse from one song to the next, creating a personalized Web radio in his or her own image.

The site En Direct de l’univers is an Attration Images production for Ici Radio-Canada, designed and produced by URBANIA with the financial participation of the CMF.

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