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Fort McMoney is an interactive and documentary immersion into Fort McMurray, a city of excess which plays a key role in the planet’s energy future. Over 10 years, the city’s population has grown from the tens of thousands to more than 100,000. More than a million and a half barrels of oil are extracted daily. In less than 20 years, the daily amount will be five million barrels.

By participating in the Fort McMoney documentary game, you will have a front-row seat to watch these changes and be an essential player in the virtual destiny of this extraordinary city.

From this interactive experience, a documentary film by the same name was born, endeavoring to answer the question: is democracy oil-soluble?

Fort McMoney is an URBANIA production, in coproduction with the NFB, in collaboration with ARTE. Available on the Web and on iPad, in French, English, and German.





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Author’s intent

The author’s position was straightforward: to cover both sides —industry and environment— as on a firing line, where it is important to hear both the logic of one side and the convictions of the other. And to brave the cold; showing Fort McMurray in a way it has never been before, white snow, black bitumen, winter sun. Together with this lunar setting, drained of light, is another layer: the game. The game propels interest, it’s a launching point for debate, a tool for confrontation, for total delinearization. With this crazy goal: explore the city in the same way it is exploited—savagely, without any limits.
How can the society in which we live charge forward, head down, into this colossal wealth, ready for picking, but dizzying and devastating—with no chance of retreating?


The movie

An investigative, political, and film d’auteur, Fort McMoney uses the city’s everyday goings-on as a narrative for the world’s energy impasse.   Contrary to most films on the subject, it takes a micro approach, human, impressionistic, to discuss a topic that is macro. It takes a closer look, at times tender, ironic, but never deceptive, at the people who live in this far away place.


Fort McMoney statistics

  • More than 375,000 players in 201 of the world’s regions
  • Almost 6,500 arguments shared among players
  • Two years of research
  • 60 days of filming
  • Eight hours of available content



Festivals and prizes


Press Review

Articles or appearances in the New York Times, Fast Company, Le Monde, Télérama, le Devoir, CBC, CTV, Huffington Post, France Inter, LaPresse+, Le Nouvel Observateur.

Our principal media partners: Radio-Canada, the Globe & Mail, le, and Sü Other media partners: Rue89 and Neue Zürcher Zeitung







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