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Infiltration is a fascinating documentary series that takes the viewer behind the scenes of well-guarded worlds. With the help of hidden cameras, P-Y Lord and his squad force their entry into different spheres of underground activity that are usually kept hidden. Massage parlours, voodoo seances, orgies, grand theft auto, illegal injection sites, synthetic drug labs, arms trafficking, clandestine casinos, puck bunnies, petty theft, sects, fight clubs and illegal car racing; INFILTRATION gives you a true and unaltered glimpse into these realities.

Infiltration is produced by URBANIA and broadcast on Ztélé thanks to funding by the Canadian Media Fund and the Bell Fund


Hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord
Directed by Martin Paquette

Season 1 : 12 x 30 minutes, winter 2016
Season 2 : 8 x 30 minutes, winter 2017
Season 3 : in production


Infiltration‘s online interactive experience allows the public a chance to penetrate exclusive subcultures (the Canadian Army, the Montreal metro system by night, and a medical marijuana producer), thanks to three short 3D, 360-degree, immersive documentaries, compatible with all mobile devices. These experiences are also available in virtual reality with Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift.

For twelve weeks, the Infiltration website immerses users in each of the 12 universes explored throughout the series by presenting rich and varied complementary documentary features that lift the veil on these sub-cultures. Each file is accompanied by a vox pop capsule that sheds a light on the preconceived notions held by the general public on these sub-cultures. In short, taboos are being broken!

The website is produced by URBANIA, thanks to funding from the CMF and the Bell Fund.



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By Sébastien Goyette, Erika Reyburn and DPT.

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