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The documentary series Les Contemporains is about the creative processes of 6 up-and-coming visual artists. In each episode an artist’s body of work is critiqued by a jury. The jury is composed of well-know representatives from Quebec’s artistic community.

To complement the series, URBANIA was mandated with designing and producing the show’s Web platform. The site offers users a weekly online magazine that contains a rich array of information about the contemporary art world, its history, trends, and behind-the-scenes activity. Users can learn about the show’s mentors, world-renowned artists, and observe more closely the processes of the show’s 6 protagonists in the throws of creation.

Furthermore, the site allows users to themselves become part of the jury, with the possibility of voting each week for their favorite artwork.

The Les Contemporains Web site is an Anemic and Kinetic production for ARTV, designed and produced by URBANIA, thanks to financial participation of the CMF.



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