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Actors Félix Tanguay and Jean-François Provençal have cherished the same dream for as long as they can remember: to become millionaires. Discouraged by the lack of funding in television, they decide to abandon their acting careers, opting instead to concentrate their efforts on crowdfunding their next big idea, which is how they intend to make it big. They decide to take up the challenge of submitting a new business idea every week, in the hopes of finding funding within the community.

Les Millionnaires is an original mocumentary series of 9 7-minute episodes brought to you by URBANIA for ICI (Winter 2016), produced thanks to the funding of the Independent Production Fund.

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Nominated for a Gémeaux in the Best Original Fiction for digital media category.


Starring Jean-François Provençal and Félix Tanguay

Directed by Hervé Baillargeon

Written by Félix Tanguay, in collaboration with Julien Corriveau

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