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[email protected] follows Tamy Emma Pepin, journalist, blogger and travel lover on her trip to Great Britain. With help from her Internet community, which offers ideas of what to visit in each destination, she escapes the beaten path and meets unique characters.

The transmedia series includes 13 episodes broadcast on Évasion, but is also a rich web platform offering supplementary content created by Tamy. Included are travel logs, thematic music playlists, useful addresses, the look of the day, and video portraits of people she encounters on the trip.



TV Series

Urbania presents the multiplatform television series, [email protected], on the Évasion network. Tamy Emma Pepin, reporter and blogger, with a passion for travel and adventure, epitomizes her generation. She’s always on-line, uses her social networks and web resources to travel differently and escape the beaten path. Tamy sets out to find a Twitter-famous shepherd, dine with amateur chefs wanting to meet tourists through the website, sleep in the yard of perfect strangers thanks to the website, and go to sea with radio pirates from the 1970s. These are some of things awaiting you in this fresh new series.

In fall 2013, Tamy launched an appeal across all social media and on and she received several replies from people offering to help plan her UK voyage by submitting all sorts of experiences for her to live. This unique way for the public to participate directly in the adventures of our blogger helped her discover destinations not to be found in traditional guidebooks.

During the series’ 13 episodes, viewers get to criss-cross the UK along with Tamy, who relies on her on-line community. Our host travels to meet influential people, artists, entrepreneurs and web users who help her discover the United Kingdom, in their own way. Armed with her cell phone, Tamy uses her virtual communities and technologies to organize her trip— for better and for worse!

Broadcast of [email protected] is an URBANIA production, with financial support of the Bell Fund, in collaboration with KLM and MINI Laval.



Web platform


[email protected] is also a multiplatform adventure available on the Web. Even before Tamy started her trip, the website had already delivered dozens of recommendations about places to visit, people to meet and events to attend in Tamy’s 12 destinations. All of this came from web users of all sorts.

As the series was broadcast, web users discovered Tamy Emma Pepin’s weekly travel logs on the site. Exclusive video content, intriguing photo galleries, complementary articles and address lists, everything the public needed to truly enter the traveller’s universe and learn from her experiences. A contest was also organized, in collaboration with KLM, in which people were invited to submit their life-motto to win a one-week trip to Edinburg, a destination also chosen by Tamy’s web community, via a survey. is an URBANIA production, with the financial support of the Bell Fund and Évasion.





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Tammy Emma Pepin, winner of a Gemini Award for Best Animation in a Cultural Magazine. The site was named at NUMIX as Best Convergent Production for a Magazine.

13 EPISODES (45 min.)


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