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Louis T. seduced the internet’s french-speaking community with his unique and humorous take on current events. In collaboration with URBANIA, Louis T. now proposes a series of 20, 5-to-7 minute episodes on a weekly basis, in which he combs through the news and tackles today’s political, economic, environmental, and social issues with a healthy dose of laughter. Each week, a new social issue is examined through Louis T.’s original lens: freedom of expression, globalization, cultural appropriation, cyber bullying, access to justice, pharmaceutical companies and the intellectual quotient.

A humorous and entertaining approach is used to tackle issues that can often seem off-putting or complex to an audience of millennials. One goal: to present an original point of view that deconstructs pre-conceived notions with the help of statistics, comparatives, and impactful journalistic archives.

Vérités et conséquences avec Louis T is produced by URBANIA, and broadcast on ICI and

Saison 1 : 20 x 5 minutes, fall 2016 and winter 2017
Saison 2 : upcoming, in fall 2017

– Winner of the 2017 NUMIX prize in the Web series – public affairs, magazine and documentary category.
– Winner of the C’est juste du web prize (awarded by the public) at the 2017 Zapettes d’or gala.
– Winner of the 2017 Gémeaux prize in the “Meilleure émission ou série originale produite pour les médias numériques: affaires publiques, sport” category.
– Louis Tremblay winner of the 2017 Gémeaux prize in the “Meilleure animation pour une émission ou une série produite pour les médias numériques: affaires publiques, sport” category.



To view the other episodes of season 1, click here.

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